Teens Nutrition and Cooking Classes

Teens Classes

For term 3, Teens Nutrition and Cooking Classes will be virtual and held on Zoom, fortnightly on Tuesdays from 9:30 am to 10:30 am*, starting on the 14th July 2020. The total cost is $50 for 5 classes ($10 per 60 minutes class). The classes are for children from 12 years old. {If you prefer to wait for face-to-face classes, please register your interest here.}
* If you are unavailable at this time, let me know in the form and we will try to organise a second group*

The themes for the 5 classes will be:

  1. What is healthy eating? (14th July)
  2. Do you eat enough fibre? (28th July)
  3. Where are the proteins? (11th August)
  4. Sweet! Let’s talk about sugar. (25th August)
  5. Numbers. Label reading and recipe modifications. (8th September)

Structure of each class: a) short lecture on the topic b) questions and group discussion c) self-reflection on behaviours or intake d) cooking demonstration e) summary and key messages.

The recipes for the cooking demonstration will be provided at least one week ahead to allow time for purchasing the ingredients. While not mandatory, the participants are encouraged to cook the recipes at home during the classes, with supervision from an adult if required.

After each class, the following will be forwarded by email: a) summary and key messages b) worksheets c) link to reliable websites for more information d) new recipes to try.

The classes cover elements of the Australian curriculum in Health & Physical Education as well as Science and Numeracy because cooking is real-life application of chemistry and maths!

Sounds good? Please fill in the form below to register. We will contact you to organise the payment (bank transfer, Paypal or online credit card). Please note we need 6 participants for the classes to go ahead.

* * * Special offer! Refer a friend and both get $10 off * * *

Virtual Teens Nutrition and Cooking Classes (on Zoom)
Fortnightly on Tuesdays from 9:30 am to 10:30 am 
Starting 14th July 2020
$50 for 5 classes