Online Consultation

I am a dietitian based on the Gold Coast but I offer video or phone consultation all over Australia! Why not face-to-face? Offering my services online allows me to have a wider availability and keeps the fees down for you, between $60 and $90 per consultation. I am available in the day time, evening and also weekend. We will definitely find a time that suits your schedule! Fill in the contact form to book now.

I specialise in:
– Weight management
– Pre-diabetes
– Type 2 diabetes
– Healthy eating advice
– Heart disease (high cholesterol/high blood pressure)
– Renal disease
– Malnutrition/Underweight
– Oncology

What happens when you booked with me?

Before the consultation. I will send you a form to fill in with the “boring stuff”. I prefer to use the precious time of the consultation to know you better than to ask basic questions.  You will also be asked to describe your eating habits and list a sample of what you usually eat.

During the consultation. We will clarify details and discuss your goals and barriers. I don’t approach nutrition with a good or bad food model, every food can have its place, it’s a matter of frequency and quantity. I promote mindful eating, this means reconnecting with your body to guide when and how much food your body needs. I will teach you about basic nutrition concepts so you can understand the impact of food on your body.

After the consultation.  I will email you the key concepts we have discussed and the goals you have set. I can also send you regulars reminders by email or text message to help you achieve your goals. We will book a review consultation after 1 to 4 weeks, depending on your needs and availabilities.

What I do:
– Help you set realistic goals
– Teach you to recognise hunger and satiety signals
– Explain nutrition concepts
– Take your individual situation into consideration
– Recommend recipes
– Give cooking advice

What I don’t do:
– Recommend a strict diet (unless you have a medical condition like renal failure or coeliac disease)
– Write a meal plan
– Ban certain foods
– Ask you to eat food you don’t like

The initial consultation is $90 and goes for approximately 45 minutes. The review consultations are $60 for approximately 30 minutes. I don’t want you to feel rushed during the consultations, it’s fine with me if we need to go over the allocated time.
Fees are payable before the consultation by bank transfer, Paypal or credit card (invoice with Square). In some condition, you can access a Medicare rebate of $53.80 with a Care Plan referral from your GP. Most private health funds provide rebates for consultation with a dietitian.

Sounds good? Book now with me.