At the End of a Materialistic Life

This post is not about food. It’s about things. Objects we buy, items we don’t want to throw out, stuff we shove in any hidden space, gadgets stuck in our kitchen draws and bottles of cleaning liquids leaking in the cupboards.

At the end of a materialistic life, where does it all go? We cannot take any of those in the “spirit world”, or whatever you want to call it. What is the point of having 23 bottles of shampoo, 5 BBQ lighters, hundreds of pegs, 8 laundry detergents, 2 cupboards full of clothes too small, ten pairs of unworn shoes? You think I’m making up those numbers, don’t you? They are actual real life story.
Do we need all this? What will you be leaving behind when you “walk the next world” (I’ve been reading The Earth’s Children by Jean M. Auel, can you tell?)

Shoe brushes…. 5 of them!

I understand buying a few extra items when they are on sale, but it needs to be things you will eventually use. Like let’s say toilet paper… My mum always had a massive stack of toilet paper in the basement, and that is from back in the 90’s, not during the recent covid crisis! She had room to store them and was saving a few dollars when buying while on sale. But, take another example (the same person with the numbers listed above). Three bottles of dishwashing liquid, 2 half empty (or half full, pick your side!) and one unopened. If you will stock up on products, PLEASE finish one before you start the next one!

Who needs that many pillows in the cupboard?

Back to our question, where does it all go at the end? Rubbish, recycling, op shop, given to family and friends? Think about what that money could have been used for? Maybe for a nice holiday! Think about the space? The time wasted? Because it takes time to buy things and the more things we have, the more time we need to store, clean, sort and dispose of them. Imagine your materialistic life taken away in a rubbish truck. Disheartening! What is the point of having hang to it all those years?

My husband and I are trying to life a relatively minimalist and clutter free life but the materialistic possessions of this person made their way into our house. I had banned plastic zip bags but I find myself with at least a few years worth of supply now and I don’t like it. But it’s better to use than to dispose of them. I have also given unopened boxes of zip bags to the op shop, because yes, there was lots of unopened boxes as you can imagine!
Now, before you buy something ask yourself:

  • Do I already have some? If yes, FINISH it first!
  • Do I really need it? If yes, can I borrow it or buy it second hand?
  • Do I already have something similar that could be used? If yes, just use this substitute!

If you recognise yourself in this post, start decluttering now!

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