Be Grateful For Your Food

Last week, I forgot my wallet at home. Of course, I only realised it at the supermarket’s checkout. As you can imagine, this was very frustrating. Having to drive back home and back yo the shop. But instead of being annoyed and angry, I decided to be grateful.

Grateful that I had money to buy food. Grateful that I could choose healthy food for my family. Grateful that we don’t have allergies or restriction. Grateful that we can eat whatever we please.

It’s easy to forget (and I’m not only talking about wallets)! We live in a very fortunate and abundant society. We can have fruits and vegetables even when they are not in season. We can even have meals cooked for us, if we don’t feel like it or don’t take the time for it. Yes, some people have less money available for food. But there is help with food banks and other initiative

Not that many years ago, people had to make everything from scratch and mostly from what was available locally. Imagine that! Imagine for example making bread for a large family. That would have been a daily (or almost) task. If you didn’t like what was on your plate, well that’s too bad! You would have to eat it or be hungry!

With the panic buying of the recent months, we can clearly see that we rely on supermarkets for our survival (that sounds a bit extreme, but it’s true!). I also noticed that we expect to have everything available all the time. If you go to the supermarket and there is no more chicken. What do you do? Whinge to the staff that there is no chicken? Or think of another option for your meal?

Take a few seconds to think about it.

Be grateful for what you have.

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